How to Get a Great Beard in 3 Months Part 2

Welcome back to our Mr Red Fox of London Guide to help you grown a great beard in 3 months. 




The time has come to start, you've made the decision, you've prepared, and this week you'll make some changes to your routine that will be built upon in the coming weeks to develop a new routine centred on putting your best beard forward. We're looking forward to taking these milestones with you.

Allow it to grow, allow it to grow, allow it to grow, allow it to grow, allow 


Although the initial step may seem self-evident, it should be taken with care. Put the razor down and put it in a drawer or cupboard. You won't need it for the next few weeks. The first step on this trip is to halt the irritation that your hair follicles have been subjected to as a result of shaving.

Establish a Routine 


You'll need to adopt a new beard-focused grooming routine. We understand it may feel strange at this point because you may only have a smidgeon of stubble emerging. Starting a routine today, on the other hand, will help your beard grow faster and build new habits with no effort. 


This week, we'll concentrate on incorporating these techniques into your daily routine.


Taking Care of Your Beard/Skin 


You should start using a cleanser made specifically for face hair. This could be the Cleanse and Refresh Shampoo if you bought the suggested bundle. Gently scrubbing the skin and any new stubble helps to eliminate excess oil and debris without being too harsh and over-cleaning the region. 


Even if you don't bathe or shower every day, you should wash your face and beard at least once a day. The first thing in the morning is a fantastic time to remove anything that has settled on your face over the night, including dust from the air, linens, and even perspiration and oils produced by your skin.


Taking Care of Your Beard/Skin 


After that, we'll make sure to use one or more conditioners after each wash. Using a modest bit of beard balm or skin moisturiser to offer plenty of hydration to the skin and developing beard growth may be sufficient at first. To make up for the discrepancy, you may need to use more of the product you choose or add additional conditioners over the next few weeks.


Defend Against the Initial Itch 


Itching is likely to occur during the early stages of development. With adequate conditioning, itching caused by the initial growth will go away shortly. Those suffering from persistent itching should check their goods for chemicals that could trigger sensitivity. 


Examine your skin for evidence of inflammation or infection, which could be the source of the itch. You may easily reduce or eradicate the itch with hydrocortisone cream at this time, or you can look for treatments that especially target itch and beard dandruff. In most situations, providing enough organic conditioners will gradually stop the itching.




You'll probably have more than a five-o'clock shadow now. You'll have obvious stubble across much of your growth region this week. Don't worry if certain parts haven't started to grow yet; there's still plenty of time for them to catch up. This week's focus is on correct exfoliating as well as maintaining adequate washing and conditioning.


Begin by exfoliating


Men who have never exfoliated their skin will be pleasantly surprised. We don't mean using a stainless steel brush to scrape away at layers of flesh. Exfoliation loosens dead skin, clears congested pores, makes it simpler for skin cells to multiply, and stimulates hair follicles.


You can exfoliate with a particular product that has little abrasive elements, although it isn't required. Using a good, natural-fiber beard brush in conjunction with your usual beard wash/shampoo will give adequate exfoliation for your skin and beard. 


After lathering your cleanser, gently massage your skin with the brush. Make little circles, making cautious not to put too much pressure on any one spot. It's possible that your skin will get pink, but it won't hurt. 


Choose one day a week to devote to exfoliating as part of your new routine. Even if your beard is fully grown, exfoliating takes only a few minutes, so it is not a significant time investment. Simply exfoliate on a regular basis.


Great Food to Boost Your Beard


This week, we'd like to challenge you to improve your eating habits. A well-balanced, healthy diet not only gives you more energy, but it also makes your body healthier, which leads to better skin. A magnificent beard can be grown on healthy skin. Because hair is made up of proteins, consuming a balanced diet rich in lean proteins may help you grow a better beard. 


The following are some things you might notice at the end of the week:


Patchiness in Most Areas, Growth in Most Areas 


This is totally normal; as previously said, hair growth rates vary, and some patchy regions will take longer to fill in. Keep in mind to be patient.


Natural Hairlines Have Appeared 


At this time, your beard's natural contour should be seen. At this stage, you may need to rethink the type of beard you want. For example, if you want to grow a neckbeard but don't have any hair growing below your jawline, you might want to reconsider. You can always change your style later; this is just something to keep in mind in the coming weeks.

THIRD WEEK  - Beard is starting to grow

You've made it through the most difficult part of beard growth. Some of your beards may be starting to grow in length at this point. While there will still be some patchiness, you should be able to see the promise. 


It's time to get in shape. 


Now you may alter the beard you're growing and develop the basic shape of your beard to fit the beard you desire. This is an excellent opportunity to tidy up the edges of your beard and remove any stray hairs from your cheeks and neck that will not be part of your finished look.


Exercise Can Help You Grow a Better Beard 


Do you want to increase your growth potential even more? It's time to go to the gym. We're not suggesting that you go out and train for the next Iron Man competition unless you're serious about competing. A small amount of exercise, such as 15-30 minutes each day, can boost your metabolism, testosterone levels, and general health. Remember that a healthy body equals a healthy beard!


BE PATIENT - This is the most common time to give up. 


Don't be too hard on yourself or your beard if you aren't where you believe you should be. This is the point at which many guys decide to give up and cut off their beards. We know we won't be able to stop you, but we really hope you don't give up. You're far closer than you think.

FOURTH WEEK  - eye-opening beard growth

For many men who are growing a beard for the first time, week four might be eye-opening. You've made it through most of the growing pains. The aim will be to determine your personal style and alter your regimen accordingly from this point on. 


Begin to train unruly hairs. 


Not all beard hairs grow in the same direction, as you may have seen. This is an excellent time to begin teaching your hairs to lay in the desired direction. There are a few easy methods for training your beard.




By this point, you've begun to see what your beard can be, and it may be time to condition it further. It may also be time for a trim. 




You've undoubtedly heard the question, "When are you going to shave?" a few times by now. Or something along those lines. It's crucial to remember yourself why you wanted to grow a beard in the first place at these moments. Remember how we said at the start that we should have had you write it down... Just keep in mind that it's your beard.


The Initial Trim 


This is a regular step for starting to trim your beard in preparation for the final shape. Trimming can be done alone or with assistance from a friend or partner. We truly advocate that you pamper yourself by going to a reputable professional barber. Trims will be required on a regular basis throughout the duration of your beard's life, possibly as often as once a week for some styles. Visiting a barber provides you the opportunity to seek professional assistance on beard-related difficulties.


Maintain a Healthy Washing and Conditioning Routine 


This is a good opportunity to look through your washing and conditioning to determine if anything needs to be changed. Here are a few things to think about: 


Do you have an oily beard at the end of the day? 


Reducing the amount of conditioner you use is a good idea. If you used a wash-out conditioner, make sure to properly rinse it out. If you use more than one type of conditioner, reduce the frequency to every other day or even less frequently. Beard oils have a tendency to be misused.


Most conditioners will leave your beard moisturised and protected without leaving it oily. An overproduction of your own natural oils is another reason for a greasy beard. Over-exfoliation or not fully washing the beard might cause this.


Is your beard brittle, dry, or rough to the touch? 


All of these symptoms indicate that you should add some more conditioner(s) to your hair care routine. You might be able to up the amount of conditioner you use now, or you might want to try a beard balm, oil, or even a leave-in conditioner.




Your beard should be achieving the level of covering that you require as you approach the midway mark and beyond. From here on out, you'll have to concentrate on the length of your beard. This will set your future trimming schedule. Keeping a good cleaning, conditioning, and grooming routine will be important for a nice beard, regardless of the length or style you choose.




Let's tally down the items that should now be part of your daily beard care routine as you near the end.




Your beard should be washed and conditioned

To avoid dry skin and irritation, use additional conditioners as needed. 

Using a natural fibre brush, brush your beard. 




Exfoliate the skin behind your beard gently. 

Examine your beard and make any required adjustments to your product usage.


Weekly, biweekly, or monthly 


For faster-growing beards or precise styling, bi-weekly to monthly or more often is recommended. 


Trim your beard or go to the barbershop on a regular basis 


Exercise and Maintain a Healthy Diet


It's time to smile. 


IT WAS YOU WHO DID IT! If you've followed this guide to the letter, you should be able to look in the mirror and see a fantastic beard staring back at you. While some guys prefer to grow their beards to longer lengths, you should have a good notion of the final beard you'll be able to accomplish at this time. 


We hope you found this tutorial helpful; be sure to read through all of our beard care articles for a wealth of information on all things beard. Continue to beardiful!

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