Mr Red Fox Of London’s Guide To Male Body Grooming

There is a proper way to approach hair shaving and removal, and it varies depending on the body part. What is safe for one person may be dangerous for another. Shave here and there, but don't shave your forearms. You can desire a lot of pectoral hair but none at all on your back. You may prefer a medium pube moment surrounding your genitalia, but you don't want any hair on your balls. So, considering that each body area necessitates distinct attention, what is the ideal method to male body grooming? To begin, ensure that you have a body grooming gadget on hand.

How to Take Care of Your Chest Hair

Don't shave it: It's better not to shave your chest unless you want to be a human pumice stone for your significant other. Even if your partner is drawn to dolphin smoothness, he or she will thank you. It will also keep you from having to shave half your body every day.

Use depilatory cream for smoothness: If you're dead set on getting that swimmer-sleek look, there is a solution. I'd start with a depilatory lotion to dissolve the hair at the root; this will buy you a few weeks until it regrows, and it won't grow back with a blunt, sharp edge. To test how you react, try a little patch of hair.

Waxing is a last resort: it is unpleasant and frequently causes acne breakouts. However, most difficulties can be avoided if you see a reputable professional. On the plus side, the new hairs can take up to six weeks to grow in. Regardless of the full-removal procedure you use (cream or wax), start a few days before you need to show off your new look. By then, it should be naked and smooth, with no signs of redness, sun sensitivity, or inflammation. Follow the same steps you would for a shave: a cold shower, nourishing moisturiser, and, if possible, staying cool and avoiding sweating for a few days to avoid clogging the pores. Getting a full-body groomer is your best option if you're happy with your chest hair and just want to manage any unruly length (which is different from a beard trimmer). You won't end up sandpapering your spouse if you keep it brief and flexible.

Take Care of Those Shoulder Hairs

If you want to get rid of all of your shoulder hair, use a body trimmer instead of a razor. Because they spend the entire day under your shirt, sweating and never exhaling, the shoulders are prone to breakouts. Reduce the trimmer's speed to the lowest setting and trim against the grain. (This is the polar opposite of shaving, but because you aren't breaking the skin's surface, you won't get ingrown hairs.) Remove everything and repeat the process every few days or once a week.

Take Care of Your Neck

Shave or trim the front of your neck anytime you clean up your facial hair. Regardless of the length of your beard, you should remove the neckbeard to help define it. Consider a "U" form that starts behind both ears and ends above the Adam's apple (two fingers above it). Everything below this fictitious "U" must be removed. You could shave this area with an electric shaver, just as you would your face.

Back of the neck: You might enlist the help of a friend or lover to keep your neckline clean in between haircuts. If you have a "natural" hairline on a somewhat longer cut, however, their task will be considerably more difficult. That necessitates artistic blending, in which case you should seek professional assistance.

How to Take Care of Your Hairy Back

Using a body groomer to clip your back hair is recommended because the back easily breaks out when shaved. Request that a partner remove the hairs every week or two, but don't feel obligated to maintain it completely smooth. If you're flexible enough, you might be able to handle this task on your own.

If you don't want to shave your butt cheeks, don't

If you truly need to get rid of your bum hair, including anything in the crack, don't shave or clip it. Consider the friction created by two pieces of sandpaper rubbing against each other. Until the hair grows out, your butt crack will taste like raw hamburger for weeks.

If you're looking for sheer smoothness, use a depilatory cream or get it waxed. If you dare, waxing. But only if you're working with a pro. The women in your life are likely to be able to recommend a reputable esthetician. A reputable esthetician is likely to be recommended by the women in your life.


Trim Your Balls and Pubes

Keep a razor away from your man parts. There are alternative options if you insist on hairless balls. There are also additional options if you insist on having zero pubes.

Use a trimmer or depilatory cream on the pubes: You can cut your pubes anyway you want with a body groomer: you can glide over the skin and trim it all to a short, uniform length. Alternatively, if you want a bigger pube pile, simply gather long tufts of hair and clip them all at once.

The Simple Armpit Hair Rule

The main rule of thumb while trimming your armpits is to raise your arms over your head and then flap them down like wings to the sides. Isn't there a tuft of hair between your arm and your pec? Snip it away with the razor.