About Mr Red Fox Of London

The classical heritage usually offers many positive approaches, but the myth that man does not take care of himself is not one of them.  As Founder Damian Alexander-Du'bel Says, "At Mr Red Fox of London, we want to arm the contemporary man with the classic elegance of the true gentleman. Class and sophistication to achieve a higher level of confidence with our full range of self-care essentials and luxuries, all made in England".

Factors such as weather, diet, stress, fatigue and other conditions adversely affect the face, hair and skin, leading to avoidable or treatable consequences. It's never too late to start looking good, and at Mr Red Fox of London we provide you with the ultimate and most stylish solutions for your needs as a distinguished modern gentleman, with the characteristic British finesse.

Thanks to our range of products for men's beard, hair and body care, you will get a perfect look and care from head to toe. Empower and enhance your masculinity in your daily routine, achieving a higher level of classic elegance and youthfulness.




Mr Red Fox Of London's mission is to bring the British gentleman's classic, superior elegance into the daily lives of all men who want to self-empower while still looking and feeling their best. We provide the sophistication and style required to stand out in modern society through the most exquisite products produced in the cradle of elegance, England.




We at Mr Red Fox of London believe that there is still a long way to go in terms of de-stigmatizing male beauty. We want to assist all men in confronting societal taboos, and to do so, we want to be at the technological and digital forefront of this industry.

We want to establish our business as a global leader, not only because of the high quality and luxury of our products, but also because of the perspective we provide our customers on the importance of their health and well-groomed masculinity.





We want to enhance the figure of the gentleman and give the elegance and style our clients deserve, to be a standout in terms of quality of product, design class, and distinction in modern society.




Our products follow the strictest international regulations to ensure that we provide the highest quality and safety for our customers. We continuously strive to elevate our production standards to be able to offer products at the level of the excellence that you deserve.





Whether you're a last-minute fixer who uses only a little Sea Salt Spray and Matt Clay or a dawn pioneer needing to exfoliate, cleanse and tone to feel at home, we certainly have the perfect solution for your needs. We work around the likes and priorities of all types of gentlemen to suit every customer's demand.




For your beard, your skin, and your hair. That is why we work so hard. It's for you. For the purpose of making you feel good and assisting you in improving your appearance, self-care and self confi. Our customers are our top priority, and we are dedicated to improving the lives of men who dare to be different in society.