All Stylish Men Know These 9 Grooming Tips

Men's grooming has become as important as a well-curated outfit and an understanding of a (natural) wine list. There's no embarrassment here. Shame, on the other hand, only appears when you lack a daily routine (what do you mean you don't have a top five moisturiser list etched into your mind!?). The key is to appear unassuming: be the guy who takes care of himself without a low-level radioactive glow or a pair of Picasso portrait brows. When it comes to grooming, as with many things in life, less is more. That is to say, finding essentials that work for you pays off. For the type of skin and hair you have. The key isn't to spend a fortune on a thousand different items or to isolate oneself in the toilet for hours on end. Rather, create a daily regimen that is short, uncomplicated, and – most importantly – about simple upkeep that even the most product-averse man can simply pick up and run with.

These are the 9 basic grooming habits that every man should follow, from simple but effective hair care methods to discovering your personal perfume.

  • Make a habit of going to your barbershop on a regular basis.

  • Make a habit of going to the barbershop on a regular basis: if you've realised your hair needs a trim, chances are others have as well. As a result, you become proactive (as opposed to reactive). While some males may get away with monthly treatments, your locks may be going through a growth spurt, necessitating more attention. Don't be shocked if visits are required every three weeks or perhaps every two weeks.

  • Learn which hair products are best for you.

  • Colognes and aftershaves are designed to compliment rather than repel passers-by. So, rather than owning eight to ten ordinary smells, pick one or two classic combinations that you really appreciate and use them sparingly. To locate yours, browse our Fragrances.

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  • Control the fuzziness on your face

  • Beards have reached fad status in recent years, becoming a common sight in offices, pubs, and creative businesses decked out in bean bags and 'blue sky thinking.' That is, whatever that means.

  • Alternatively, learn how to shave like a pro.

  • However, being fully shaved is also acceptable. And it's actually applauded if you have the stone jawline of a Givenchy campaign. 

    Prep your skin with a shave oil to help the razor glide more easily, and soak the blades in warm water to let your pores open, decreasing redness and irritation. If it still feels like a chore, entrust your priceless visage to the professionals and get a professional shave once a week.

  • Take care of your dark circles

  • Eyes aren't built to carry bags. However, if you work your tail off, you'll be the office Uncle Fester in no time. 

    With an eye cream or a roll-on, you can get rid of dark circles and puffiness. Or, even better, simply go to bed early, man.

  • Sort out your brows.

  • Big brows aren't a problem - look at Clooney, Farrell, and others – but if they meet in the middle, you've got a problem (and in the middle of your face). 

    Focus on the stragglers that stand off from the main body of your slugs to naturally eradicate a monobrow. Plucking takes time, so if you're in a hurry, ask your barber to tidy up your brows when you come in. They'll volunteer to do it for you if they're worth their salt.

  • Apply sunscreen to your skin.

  • "If I could offer you only one recommendation for the future, sunscreen would be it," Baz Luhrmann's 1999 sleeper hit said. It slows down the ageing process. It helps to get rid of wrinkles. It lowers the chance of skin cancer, which is on the rise, which is concerning. 

    We recommend incorporating a light SPF 30 moisturiser into your regular grooming routine for a two-fer that will both nourish and protect. Exactly as Baz stated.

  • Make your hand-care routine a success.

  • It's standard practise to trim your nails once a week, preferably after a bath or shower to soften them and make them simpler to trim. That rough, flaky skin around the nail bed, on the other hand? To smooth things up, apply a small amount of moisturiser every couple of days.

  • It's critical to look after your feet.

  • Even if your feet aren't on display all the time, maintaining a decent footcare routine is essential. After a bath or shower (when the skin is at its softest), exfoliate any dead skin with a pumice stone before applying a large amount of moisturiser.