What is and How to use Beard Oil


Once you've put in the time to grow a beard, that's when the real work begins. It would only contribute to itchy skin, scraggly hair, and strange, soupy smells if your beard grows wildly. You want neither of those, don't you? 

Well, you need to take several steps and they're all necessary. You see, if it were easy to maintain a beard, everyone would do it. But in order to grow the best beard, it requires a certain amount of dedication and strength. 


Beard oil helps to make your beard smoother and more manageable, Beard Oil nurtures the hair. It not only moisturises the hair, but also the skin underneath. The hair loses all moisture from your skin when you grow a beard, and because of this, the skin starts to dry out and the skin becomes dry and splits without any moisture replenishment.

Beard itch and its companion beard dandruff are caused by dry and split skin. Owing to the constant scratching and the rough, dead skin under the scalp, the dandruff is triggered. The skin underneath will be kept hydrated by using beard oil and both the itch and dandruff will cease.

Beard Growth

It's not going to immediately accelerate hair growth and you're not going to wake up overnight with a thick, full beard. However, it prevents split ends as beard oil nourishes the hair and allows the hair follicle to grow stronger. Beard oil encourages healthy skin and can help the hair follicles to flourish and prevent incarnated hair if you notice that you have very patchy hair growth.

Pours and Inflammation

If you have especially sensitive skin, it will help avoid the redness and discomfort that comes with harsh chemicals from shampoos or regular environmental changes due to the beard oil moisturising the skin underneath. Beard oil does not interfere with the production of sebum and does not clog pores, so it can help to cleanse and nourish breakout-prone skin.

How to Apply Our Bear Oil

- After taking a shower, the best time to begin putting on beard oil is when your hair will be at its softest and easier to handle.

- Then put 2-3 drops of oil in your palm. You may have to use one, depending on how long your beard is. Just make sure you've got enough to cover all of your hair.

- Now spread it in the palm of your hand evenly.

- Slowly work your fingers through it, starting at the bottom of your beard (near your chin). Ensure that all of the individual hairs are covered, from where the skin reaches the tips of the hair.

- Your moustache is next. Use a similar approach and then take the chance to style it the way you want.

-Use a comb or beard brush now to spread the oil evenly and put any stray hair back in place.

- After a shower and before you go to bed, repeat this process in the morning for the best results.