The Mr Red Fox's Of London Definitive Man's Hair Product Guide Part 1.

Whatever sort of hair you have, you'll need some assistance to stand out from the crowd. A good barber is essential, but using the right products on your hair is just as important.

Men's hair products have come a long way, and there's something for everyone – heavy, thin, curly, wavy, or otherwise. With this men's hair product guide, we aim to make finding the right items for you easier.

We'll go into various types of hair care, what they do, and the hair types you can use them on. If you really want your hair to look like a million dollars, you should be acquainted with a range of hair styling items.


Both are terms that are widely used to describe hair products, and it's important to understand what they mean when searching for products that fit your hair type, look, and style. Another word to note is texture, which explains how your hair looks and feels after you've applied a product. When layering your hair for various hairstyles, textures are essential.


That's, hold in the sense of holding power. After you've applied the product, the hold refers to how flexible your hair is. Hair remains stiffer and in place with a product with a high or stronger hold. Hair is more pliable when using items with a low to medium grip. The type of hold you use is always a matter of personal preference, but it also depends on the hairstyle and look you're aiming for.


The appearance of your hair after using a hair product is referred to as shine.  A high shine can be glossy or wet whereas a low shine (also known as a matte finish) can make it appear as if you have no product at all. The amount of shine you leave in your hair is generally dictated by the hairstyle. Some surfaces require a higher degree of texture than others.


Let's take a closer look at the various men's hair products


Pomade is for you if you want your hair to look "slick" and if you want to sport a hairstyle that looks well-combed. Pomade's key attribute is its high shine, which gives it a slick look, and it has a medium hold. Unlike gels, a pomade won't make your hair hard or crunchy, and it helps you to restyle it during the day.

Pomade is creamier than hair wax, so it's best for thick or curly hair. But, you can use it on straight or curly hair and get excellent results. Even so, it's one of the best thick hair products for guys. 

It's important to note that pomade is divided into two categories: oil-based and water-based.


Water-based pomades have the benefit of being easy to clean with water (unlike oil-based pomade). Although they don't have the same amount of hold as oil-based items, they do keep hair in place while enabling you to restyle it during the day.


Oil-based pomades are less costly than water-based pomades since they are manufactured from grease or petroleum products. Since oil-based pomades can clog the scalp's pores, resulting in unnecessary accumulation, you often get what you pay for. Oil-based pomades also have the downside of being difficult to wash out of hair and of stripping your hair of its natural oils when rinsed out.



Hair gel is one of the most popular hair styling items among men, if not the most popular. Hair gel has been used by most men at some point in their lives, particularly when they were teenagers and trying to achieve a unique look. It also doesn't hurt that gel is inexpensive.

Hair gel is useful for a number of reasons, including the fact that it can – and should – be applied to wet hair, enabling you to style your hair on the go rather than waiting for it to dry before applying your styling product. Hair gel has a lot of hold and a lot of shine.

Hair gel can also be used on a variety of hair lengths, thicknesses, and textures while allowing you to form your hair into the desired look.

But hair gels do have there drawbacks:

  • Some hair gels contain alcohols, which make it easier to spread the substance over your hair and help it dry faster, but alcohol isn't necessarily good for your hair. For instance, it contains chemicals that dehydrate the hair and scalp and reduce the development of sebum, an oily substance that is vital for skin and scalp health.
  • Hair that has been drained of moisture is vulnerable to dandruff and an itchy, irritated scalp.
  • When restyle your hair with gel, you don't have as much versatility as you do with other hair products.

That isn't to suggest that all hair gel is bad; there are some natural hair gel options available. Only make sure you understand what you're getting before making a purchase.


Hair creams have a range of advantages, including the ability to give your hair flexibility and strength while still offering a low hold that is free of the friction and greasiness associated with wax and gel.

Creams have a medium sheen, which is considered "normal" in contrast to other styling materials, and they're often used as a pre-styling product because they add shine, separation, and substance to hair.

The main aim of styling cream is to make medium to long hair look healthier while retaining a natural-looking shine that isn't too serious. It's also ideal for a wide range of hair styles, including frizzy, difficult-to-manage hair. It can be used to guide your hair in a certain style or direction while also taming stray hairs.

A hair cream is an excellent choice for men with thinning or fine hair who don't want to use pomade or wax. The cream is so light that it looks like you're not wearing anything at all, and it's easily one of the best men's items for thin hair.

Creams are usually made up of oils and amino acids, which give them a solid yet versatile, natural appearance while also conditioning the skin. 

Creams come in a variety of textures, ranging from light lotions to wax-like consistency. And since some creams have a stronger grip than others, it's crucial to determine what you want to achieve with creams as well as your favourite hairstyle.