Maintaining the appearance of your hands

Anyone, including us guys, can develop nail problems. You could end up in a world of pain if you don't take good care of your cuticles. Mr Red Fox Of London is here to help you out once more, so don't worry. The following hand care tips will help you maintain the health of your nails and cuticles.

1. Cuticles should not be allowed to dry out.

Hangnails are mostly caused by dry cuticles. You can keep your hands and nails hydrated and strong by using a men's body lotion or men's hand lotion on a regular basis. Applying a lotion at least once a day will help prevent ageing symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Make sure your nails aren't too short.

It's not a good idea to cut your nails too short. To begin with, cutting them too short can be excruciatingly painful. Second, cutting them too short increases the chances of getting hangnails. You should be fine if you just cut them short enough to make them look presentable.

3. Make use of the appropriate equipment.

Do not bite your nails or trim them with just any pair of scissors. To complete the task, you'll need a nail clipper or a pair of nail scissors. Using the proper nail tools can help prevent problems such as hangnails and cuts. Since the skin around your nails is so thin and vulnerable, you want to do whatever you can to escape a painful situation.

4. Use a men's body cleanser to clean your hands.

Nobody enjoys having dirty nails. Dirt and other buildup can give your hands an untidy appearance and, if you're unlucky, lead to skin problems and infections. Using a men's body cleanser on your hands on a regular basis helps to rejuvenate skin, making it look younger and healthier.

5. Keep your cuticles protected from the elements.

Since you have no power over the weather, make sure your hands are prepared to handle any situation. If you're going to the beach or spending time outside, apply some men's sunblock. Similarly, if the weather is cold and windy, cover up. Cuticle issues caused by the weather can be avoided with due treatment.

6. Allow your cuticles to breathe.

Picking at your cuticles can be tempting, but resist the urge – the skin is there for a reason. If the buildup becomes too much, gently force the skin back with a men's cuticle tool like a cuticle remover or cuticle pusher. Do this just after you've bathed – your skin will be much smoother and easier to deal with once you've gotten out of the tub.