Looking After Your Hair

Looking after your hair is extremely important. With your daily washing routine, styling with different products and facing the outside through the wind and rain, your hair goes through a lot. You'll want to ensure that you safeguard your hair with all that activity so that it remains healthy and looks its best for many years to come.


Washing Your Hair

2-3 days a week should be a sufficient starting point for washing your hair. Of course, this may differ from individual to individual, but almost no one can wash their hair every day. This is because the natural oils that are good for your hair need to be produced and can take a day or two to do so. An exception, however, is that if you use a lot of product, you should wash it out frequently as it can block the pores, but later we will come to the product side and how you can prevent overuse. 

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Conditioning Your Hair

Conditioner is like a moisturiser and helps soothe the skin from the shampoo wash's drying. After a shampoo wash, you can condition either after a shampoo wash or by itself as it won't do you any harm, only good. Use our Agran Conditioner which is Infused with luxurious organ oil, full of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to promote a healthy scalp and soothe bacteria-induced inflammation.

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Drying Your Hair

You would not need to blow your hair dry for the shorter styles. If you have thinner hair, though, a blow dry can add the look of thickness and a blow dry may help set your style or add body and volume for longer or medium styles. Of course, blow drying will dry your hair out, so you're probably better off drying with towels or air drying.


Styling Your Hair

Less is more when using a product. Start with less product than you think is appropriate and attempt to style your hair, then add to it if you need a little,  this way you won't overuse your product. It's all about what you want and feel relaxed with, whether it's wax, gel, clay or sprays. Only try to avoid alcohol products as they dry the hair out and make sure that the product is washed out daily.

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