How to use Pomade

Do you have no idea how to use pomade? We've got you covered. Learn how to properly apply pomade to obtain professionally groomed hair without causing breakouts.

At first glance, applying pomade does not appear to require much explanation. Isn't it true that you just apply the product to your hair and walk out the door? No, not at all. 

If you don't want your hair to turn into a sad, floppy mess halfway through the day, you'll need to learn how to apply pomade properly. While some of it is simple sense, there are a few key pointers we'll give you to assist you attain next-level hair.

Here are three things to keep in mind when applying pomade.

Pomade is a mild styling product that may be used to create a variety of styles for your hair. 

To properly apply pomade, use a product that provides the ideal amount of gloss and hold. 

A small amount of pomade goes a long way.

What Exactly Is Pomade?

Pomade is a light cream or gel that can be used to style your hair in a variety of ways, from playfully tousled to smooth and neat. Pomades are divided into two categories: water-based and oil-based.

​​Water-based pomades are soluble in water, making them easier to remove in the shower, but oil-based pomades are created from oils like lanolin and petroleum. Oil-based pomades provide more grip throughout the day, but their comedogenic chemicals can cause painful outbreaks and are difficult to remove.

a man getting ready in the bathroom using our pall mall pomade

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Pomade

Are you ready to tame and style your hair to perfection? Learn how to use pomade like an expert by following these six steps.

Step 1: Select a Pomade

Hair care products that are formulated for your hair type should be chosen similarly to skin care products that are formulated for your skin type. When it comes to picking a Pomade, you should think about how much hold and shine you require.

Look for a pomade with a low to medium hold if you want your hair to bounce slightly when you move. Do you prefer a natural look to a gleaming style? Choose a low-shine pomade (aka, a matte finish).

Step 2: Take a shower.

Take a warm shower and wash your hair as you normally would. Your skin type will determine how often you wash your hair. If you have an oily scalp, for example, you may need to wash your hair as frequently as once a day.

When you get out of the shower, pat your hair dry gently. When applying the pomade, your hair should be slightly damp.

Before applying the product, let your hair air dry for around 75 percent. While you're waiting for your hair to air dry, go over your skin care routine.

Step 3: Emulsify the Product

Take your pomade and scoop about a dime-sized quantity onto your finger while your hair is somewhat damp. Too much product can weigh down your hair, while too little may prevent you from achieving the desired look.

On the opposite hand, transfer the pomade from your fingertip to the centre of your palm. Now rub the pomade between your hands until it's completely emulsified. When only a faint sheen remains in the palms of your hands, the pomade has emulsified.

Step 4: Put the Pomade on.

Next, use our Pall Mall Pomade, start at the roots and work your way to the tips by rubbing your fingers through your hair. To create a consistent shine and hold throughout, make sure you spread it out evenly.

You might feel a little tug and pull as you push the pomade through your hair, depending on the pomade you're using. It's nothing to be concerned about unless your hair is falling out in large clumps. It's totally typical for a person to shed between 50 and 100 hairs per day, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Step 5: Go over it with a comb.

Take a comb and run it through your hair to achieve even covering. Make sure you have the front, back, and sides covered.

You may create a variety of hairstyles with your comb, ranging from 1950s pompadours to sleek comb overs and more modern looks. If you want a more tousled look, roughen up your freshly combed hair with your fingertips until you get the desired effects.

Step 6: Use your blow dryer to style your hair

Finally, blow-dry your hair to help it hold its shape. A blow-dryer will not only fix the style of your hair, but it will also provide much-needed volume to give hair a fuller appearance.

You'll need a small, round curling brush to add volume to your hair. Set your blow dryer at medium heat and direct it toward the front of your styled hair. Brush the front area of your hair upwards and away from your head using your curling brush. 

Turn the blow-dryer to the coolest temperature setting once you've achieved the required volume. The cool air will establish the final style while also giving your hair a natural sheen.

Final Suggestions

Remember that if you didn't apply enough product in the beginning, you can always add more later. It's far more difficult to get extra pomade out of your hair. 

Aside from that, understanding how to apply pomade isn't difficult. You'll pick up a few tips and tricks along the way that are tailored to your hair type and style.