How to Get a Great Beard in 3 Months Part 1

You've arrived at the right place if you're a first-time beard grower or have tried and failed to grow a beard in the past. This step-by-step guide will show you how to grow a fantastic beard in just three months. We hope you discover the information you need to go through the first 90 days of Beard Growth, the most difficult stage, and emerge with a well-established beard you can be proud to flaunt.


We'll give you an idea of what to expect from your beard journey week to week in this guide, as well as some recommendations to help you grow your beard faster. But first, let's think about why you're doing it in the first place.


Why are you interested in growing a beard?


Before we get started, think about why you desire a beard. Is your partner on board with the concept? Have you ever attempted to grow a beard? What challenges did you have to overcome? Are you willing to put in the effort to grow a magnificent beard? 


These questions will elicit a wide range of responses since they are so personal. Knowing your reasoning ahead of time will aid you when you have doubts about your decision or when you don't get the results you expected.


What Kind of Beard Would You Like? 


Now is the time to think about the type of beard you want. If you want to develop a Goatee, there's no need to fight to grow a beard that covers your entire lower face. You should also think about whether you want your hair, moustache, and beard to be styled together or separately. This is simply a method of determining which areas of hair development require the most attention and others you should ignore or at least not worry about as much.


Benefits of a Beard 


Growing a beard has a number of benefits, including:


Fewer shaves 


One of the most significant benefits of growing a beard, particularly a long beard, is that it requires less or no shaving. Our skin wasn't meant to be shaven in the first place. Shaving can harm your skin in a variety of ways. All of these, for the most part, vanish as you grow a beard. 


Skin that is in good condition 


Growing a beard can actually increase the moisture and texture of the skin beneath the beard, in addition to reducing the amount of shaving we do. Natural oils called sebum are produced by hair follicles to lubricate and protect the hair shaft from drying out. This sebum is fantastic for your skin's health.




Surprisingly, growing a beard can assist in keeping your face warm. In colder climates or seasons, however, a beard can provide significant warmth for males who must spend time outside. Although, because frigid temperatures may be highly drying, you need always be careful to avoid skin damage from exposure and keep your skin well moisturised.


In Style 


In recent years, beards have become fairly fashionable. Despite the fact that men have always worn beards in some form or another throughout history, beards have only recently been accepted across all classes, races, and economic lines. Beards can now be seen on corporate CEOs, businesspeople, blue collar workers, and people in almost any career or vocation. Even waiters and waitresses are sporting beards these days (hopefully with a beard net).

Disadvantages of Having a Beard 

Although we don't like to acknowledge it, there are a few drawbacks to growing a beard; we simply accept them, but they are there. 


The Unforgivable Itch 


It is unavoidable that you will experience itch during your beard's lifetime. Beard itch can be caused by a variety of factors, the most prevalent of which being dryness. Keeping your beard and skin hydrated will assist to lessen the likelihood of itch.




To look and feel its best, a healthy beard takes some upkeep and grooming on a regular basis. While properly grooming a beard does not take hours every day, it does take a few minutes each day, so plan on including it in your daily routine.

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Accept the Limitations and Possibilities 


Unfortunately, not every man is capable of growing a full beard of strong hair. There are a number of factors that can influence whether or not we can develop a beard at all, as well as what kind of beard we can grow.


Accept the Limitations and Possibilities 




In terms of beard growth capacity, genetics can play a significant effect. If the men in your family have never been able to grow a beard or have a baby smooth face that requires no shaving, your prospects of growing a long, rich beard are minimal, if not impossible. 


Men with a familial history of beards, on the other hand, may find that their beard grows faster than they are ready to cope with, necessitating extra maintenance.




There are a few popular misconceptions regarding growing a beard, so let's dispel some of them right now. 


Shaving to Grow Thicker/Faster Facial Hair 

Shaving is widely believed to cause hair to grow thicker, quicker, or darker. 


False! Shaving will not only promote hair growth, but it may also slow it down over time. Shaving can irritate or damage hair follicles, resulting in decreased growth, ingrown hairs, and even infection.


Beard Hair Grows in the Same Direction 

People frequently believe that hair grows at the same rate since they are accustomed to their own hair growing at the same rate. 


False! Each strand of hair grows at its own pace. Some hair grows quickly, while others take a long time to develop. The goal of giving a beard a solid three months to grow is to allow the majority of the beard hairs to establish themselves.

You Can't Stop Your Beard From Growing 

Some guys believe they are destined to live with their previous beard. 


False! In most situations, men's lack of patience has caused them to shave or abandon their intended beard far too soon. There are several strategies to increase the health of your skin and beard, which will result in improved beard hair growth and strength. However, there is no such thing as a magic medication. To reach its full potential, a fantastic beard requires patience and care.


The First Steps 


Now that we've covered some of the fundamentals, let's look at the measures you may take to achieve your ideal beard.


Begin with a solid foundation. 


It's critical to start growing a beard in the finest possible settings. If you're already dealing with skin concerns, growing a beard can simply make it more difficult to cure the problem and may delay the growth of your beard. 


Inspect your skin for ingrown hairs, acne, abrasions, or anything else that might be easier to cure if you didn't have facial hair. You'll be better off in the long run if you wait a few weeks to grow your beard so you can take care of any of these difficulties ahead of time. If you consistently battle with these concerns, you do not have to forego a beard, but you should be aware that a beard can make seeing and treating these issues more difficult.


Skin Rejuvenation 


Begin by committing to giving your skin the attention it deserves. Taking care of your skin will not only make it healthier, but it will also allow your beard to grow healthier and possibly faster than if you ignore it. 


Skin care for guys with facial hair does not have to be hard; the best bet is to use cleansers and moisturisers created exclusively for men with facial hair, which may be used as your beard grows.

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