Dealing With Stress

Stress is unavoidable. A major project at work, a visit from the in-laws, and a broken Playstation remote all add to the stress. It's no secret that such fears have a negative impact on one's health. Everything is affected by increased stress, from headaches to skin problems. 

Whatever the core causes, stress can be managed in a variety of ways, one of which is by "grooming." And since that's the only perspective on which we're remotely qualified to comment, let's get started...


Grooming to de-stress begins with creating the ideal environment wherever grooming is involved. Working up a thick, sweet-scented shaving lather, slathering on a relaxing body wash in the shower, or burning a macho candle around the house all help. Take calm and deliberate actions, regardless of the tools or settings you use. Stress increases heart rate and breathing rate, hence, as obvious as it may seem, breathing deeply and gently and finding that "inner Zen" is beneficial.


The Traditional Wet Shave:While a great wet shave (with a shaving brush and all) is a bit tedious and deliberate on a workday morning, it is a calming experience. Heat up the lather or pre-shave, make some cream or soap, and give yourself an extra 10 minutes to get smooth. It'll be like a mini-vacation for your face (and mind).

The Candle-Light Vigil: Candles aren't just for romantic occasions. Slowing thoughts and relaxing the heart rate can be accomplished by reading or meditating by candlelight. It's time to let it go.

Spa, Spa and Spa: Make a monthly trip to the spa for a pleasant service (s). Facials, massages, and treatments can all help a man relax.

The M-ubble Bath: While most men have had a glass of bubbly, they are less likely to take a bath in it. After a long day, lock the bathroom door and take a 15-minute suds bath. It's possible with the help of a high-quality cleansing gel or muscle soak. Rubber ducky is not required.


It is possible to reduce stress in a matter of seconds. Try out these subtle hints (not all of them are grooming-related):

Get Moving: Even 20 minutes of exercise every day can be beneficial. Jump jacks, Jazzercise, chop wood, whatever you want to do. You'll feel better, have more energy, and sleep better as a result of these changes. However, make sure you shower afterward.

Get The Water Down you: Drinking plenty of water has been shown to help people stay healthy and stress-free. So put down the coke and grab a glass of water.

All in The Scent: Instead of the standard, unscented shave cream, try a unique-smelling one. The new aroma is a unique approach to "snap out of it," aside from the fantastic shave. Try our Classic Shaving Cream. 

Get Out: A simple walk outside may do wonders for a gent's head, whether he's at work or cooped up in his house. You have five minutes, so don't question it. Get your strut on.

Meditate: Some may think it's crazy, but it's been scientifically proven to work.

What are some of your suggestions for lowering stress through grooming or other means? Please let us know.