Beard Dandruff and the Best Skin Care Routine

White flakes and dry skin on your beard? Learn how to get rid of beard dandruff and have a flake-free face for optimal attractiveness!


Beards have made a significant resurgence in the previous several decades. Men are opting to grow out their facial hair and embrace the bearded lifestyle as organisations adopt more relaxed grooming regulations. 


With more guys sporting beards, it's a good opportunity to address one of the most prevalent beard issues we see: dandruff! 


Beard dandruff can detract from the appearance of a well-kept beard and make any man feel self-conscious. To help men deal with this vexing problem, here are three things they should know:


1. Dry skin, a buildup of dead skin cells, or fungal infections can all contribute to beard and moustache dandruff. 

2. Beard dandruff can be avoided by properly washing, exfoliating, and hydrating the beard. 

3. To have a flake-free beard, all you need is a simple skin care programme.

Beard Cleansing

You'll have to give up your hot showers if you're serious about getting rid of your beard dandruff. Hot water dries out your skin and destroys your hair follicles, resulting in flakes in your beard. Warm or cold water should be used in the shower, then use our Argan Beard Shampoo to wash your entire face and beard. This cleans your skin and beard of pollutants, giving you a fresh start.

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Every male, especially those with beards, should exfoliate. Dead skin cells can accumulate beneath your beard, resulting in beard dandruff and clogged pores. 


Exfoliating with a men's exfoliating scrub twice a week will eliminate dead skin cells and promote the growth of new ones. Simply massage the scrub into your beard gently before rinsing with cold or warm water. 


Before a scrub, some men use an exfoliating brush (or in lieu of a scrub). Many exfoliating brushes on the market, on the other hand, are excessively harsh and might harm the skin's surface. 


You can eliminate dead skin cells without causing permanent scarring or skin irritation by using a moderate exfoliating scrub instead.




It's time to acquire that beautiful, flake-free beard you've always desired once you're out of the shower and dried. Moisturization is the first step in taking care of your beard. 


Apply a tiny bit of beard oil all over your beard after moisturising your skin with a men's face moisturiser. This will soften and condition your beard's hair as well as your skin beneath it. 


Beard oil helps prevent dandruff caused by dry skin by locking in your skin's natural oils. In the winter, when dry skin is more prevalent, moisturising your face and beard is especially vital.

Mr Red Fox Of London Final Thoughts

The appropriate skin care routine can make all the difference when it comes to preventing beard dandruff. Skin can be kept healthy, moisturised, and flake-free with proper washing, exfoliation, and moisturization.

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