Avoid These 8 Grooming Mistakes At All Costs

You can have a closet full of designer outfits, a stable of exotic sports vehicles, and a baker's dozen beautiful Swedish Bikini models, but if you're guilty of any of these grooming blunders, you'll need to do some serious work.

The Uni-Brow

Because men are expected to have a set of brows, they are usually referred to in the plural. So, if you're the unfortunate owner of a permanent "uni-brow,"... It's time to divide and conquer. To get rid of undesirable hairs, grab them at the base with tweezers and pull in the direction of hair development. A premium waxing kit or professional waxing is a better long-term option. 

Mismatched Parfum

Cologne smells amazing in the bottle, but it's not so great once it's on your skin. That's because everyone's body chemistry is different, and some perfumes aren't suitable for everyone. Cologne isn't designed to make you smell... so test it on and smell it before you buy. From the wonderful people at Art Of Manliness, here's a nice cologne primer.

Bad Breath

Spend a bit more time brushing your teeth if your breath has more oomph than Bruce Lee's (specifically your tongue). Give your mouthwash a solid 30-second gargle for added benefit. 

Have we made any grooming blunders? Please let us know in the comments what we missed, and we'll make sure to include it in Volume II.

Neck Hair

You know how you get hair on your neck in between haircuts? If there's enough to braid, you should take care of it. Most barbers will do this for a fair charge, or you may get a good at-home trimmer and clean up the mess in your own time.

The Comb Over

It's always preferable to be bald than to be balding. So, if your follicles are vanishing, simply remove them altogether.

Body Odor

When you've had enough of blaming the dog, try a perfumed body wash or a good cologne. Also, for delicate areas, don't underestimate the efficacy of a decent deodorant or talcum-like powder.

Gnarly Mitts

Although an excellent name for a rock bank in theory, it's not so good in actuality. A man's hands don't have to be particularly attractive, but they should be respectable. After all, the first thing you offer a potential boss or bride is your mitts. Get a professional or at-home manicure every now and again, and apply a hand moisturiser on a daily basis to keep your hands looking beautiful.

Excessive nose Hair

When you sneeze, your beak looks like a party present, so a little trimming is needed. Use a nose hair trimmer on a regular basis to get rid of troublesome hairs. Consider getting a nose wax at a reputed spa in the region (it's painless).