A Guide To Beard Care While Travelling

It's been stated that the single purchase that increases your wealth is travel. If you're willing to let your guard down, it gives you real life experiences that shape you in ways no textbook could ever hope to. The summer is a great season to travel because the weather is warmer and most of us are naturally eager to take a holiday. Unfortunately, a prolonged stay in a warm location can be fatal for a beard; when exposed to the sun, sweat, and stickiness, it can be quite alluring to shave it all off.

Don't abandon the ship, though, just yet. We're here to reassure you that you can both maintain your beard and enjoy yourself while traveling (really). It all comes down to being well-prepared and allocating some time to give your beard the care it requires. You'll reap plenty of benefits from maintaining your beard by giving it the right care and protection, including a smooth, lustrous beard that doesn't itch. 

In light of the foregoing, here is how to maintain your beard while traveling:

Pack a grooming kit. 

You shouldn't neglect maintaining your beard just because you're on vacation. You only need a simple travel set (like the Mr Red Fox Of London Grooming Kit) to comb your beard and give it a quick trim as needed.

Sunscreen for hair

Many of us forget to apply sunscreen to the hair on our faces and heads. However, the sun's blazing rays will damage hair cuticles while you stroll outside, party by the pool, or kayak on the ocean. This will result in a brittle, dry beard. 

Although it can be difficult to locate hair sunscreen, those that are accessible are highly effective.

Advice: Apply beard oil and beard balm to your skin and beard (again, while your beard is still damp to seal in moisture), then keep the mixture on overnight to perform additional repair after a day spent outside. 

Your beard will be incredibly touchable when you wake up since the beard oil and balm will combine to make a deep conditioner.

Wash your beard more frequently, and use beard oil and beard balm to lock in moisture.

You will undoubtedly perspire if you are traveling this summer. A lot. especially if you're traveling to countries with milder climates like South east asia or Argentina. 

Increase the amount with which you wash your beard to combat sweat and stickiness. Try every other day if you often do it two to three times per week. But resist the urge to use the free shampoos provided by most hotels; they are designed for the hair on top of your head, not for the drier, thicker beard hair. Choose a beard wash (we of course highly recommend our Beard Shampoo) to ensure thorough cleaning without removing your beard's natural protective oils. 

mens beard oil

Stay hydrated 

Since skin is 80% water, drinking enough water will keep your skin and beard nourished from the inside out and provide you energy for your hike. Although the United States has access to clean drinking water, the quality of the water can vary depending on where you go. Your best option is bottled water, which is readily available and reasonably priced everywhere you go. 

Aim for 2 litres each day, and if you live in a hot area or move about a lot, more.